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Week 1 : Designing to communicate

Sept 10, 2022


Fast Company: ‘Good taste’ is a myth

    The word ‘Good Taste’ always has been around me ever since I got to the university. As students in painting major, in the Fine Art department, we praised each other’s works and the mood of their Instagram posts saying something similar to “you have a nice taste”.

    Some of the good tastes affected everyones. What I realized with my experience as a young artist, was some sorts of similar visuals were shared among groups of artists, and when they go viral, a lot of other artists were taking that style which made the trend dominate the entire fine art scene. In the Korean younger art scene, the trends were about either very sharp and organic lines or dreamlike 3d visuals with abstract forms.

  One’s taste affects on their visuals;
   Some of the visuals form a trend;
    The trend forms a style;
     And the style represents the era and the people within it.

    I was thinking; what makes us fascinated with the visuals and follow their rules? Why do I respond and relate to those visuals? Maybe it’s made with ‘ research, evidence-based design, philosophical studies, and psychiatric analysis’? I agree that they might have been used in the art-making process. But I think the most important component of forming strong, striking visuals of the era is a person’s passion to look inside and feel their surrounding communities. It’s different with an artist being a hero. Rather, it more resembles an artist becoming a close friend in a society/community. Maybe we are appreciating the visuals like the way we listen to our friends’ stories they share. Maybe a ‘good taste’ of an artist/designer is an acquired response of keen attention to the surroundings and the community.

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