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Sept 27, 2022

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Midterm_Model House

<Model House> is a storytelling game to show that there can be financial inequalities in the future virtual worlds, which is expressed through finding a ‘room’ for rent with low polygons.

We all know that finding a house is not an easy task.
The more we pay, the better the house will be.
But our budget is limited.

In digital worlds...
It seems that the rooms and the houses are very cheap,
and we can find them for free as well.

But if you have a really old computer,
they'll not gonna run properly...
The more polygon you have, the better computer you need.

In this work, one poly triangle counts a dollar.

Let's find rent for a 'house' within 1K.

The online space seems to be an equal space for everyone.
However, to experience better graphics, you need a laptop with better specifications,
Users eventually experience different spaces and different immersions depending on how much money they invest.
In the story game, one polygon triangle is assumed to be $1.
I'm finding a 'home' for less than $1000 (<1000 poly triangles)
Through the work that contains the process of finding an online space,
I intended to show that economic imbalances in the real world can be reproduced in the online world.

Slide Deck to see more images

Game made in Unity3D

Used Assets; under CC Attribution (This is a non-commercial work)

Isometric room 2 by Theo Helias

Isometric Slowpoke Themed Bedroom by Chuunibyo

Pastel Gaming Isometric Room by iLoveYourFace

Living Room Isometric LowPoly by Lynda. Tinhinane

Cute Isometric Room ✿ by JaDe.Dfr

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