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Week 1 : Make a Switch!

Sept 11, 2022

Week 1: Getting familiar to ... :’)

Trying out things, troubleshooting and finally making a switch!


Analog Input

I generated a Variable Voltage controller for an LED with a Potentiometer. 
   <issue note: at first it didn’t work, so I changed the LED and it started to work! And for the Potentiometer I had to push it REALLY hard to the breadboard. > 

Digital Inputs for LED

And then I moved to digital inputs by making three switches in parrallel. Due to its parrallel connection, any of the switches will turn the LED.

A circuit for three switches in a series was a bit different. It was much more simple to make a circuit but I needed to push all three buttons to make the electricity flows.

Digital Inputs for motor

Cirquits for a motor was pretty much identical. I just needed to switch LEDs to a motor.

And the power supply (my laptop) was enough to control both motor and led all together :)

And here comes my own switch! >w<

If Sadaharu (the dog) clap his hands, it will light the LED :)

The Circuit

It is a simple circuit with a power source (which is Arduino Nano and my laptop here), an LED light and a resister, and a switch which are the hands of the dog!

Sadaharu’s right hand goes to voltage and his left hand goes to ground. So when he claps, he can light up the LED! :)

Have a wonderful day :)

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