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Week 2 : Microcontroller Circuits

Sept 18, 2022

Week2: Inputs + Sensors

      * I had issues uploading the code to the board. My laptop kept changing the port every single time I tried to connect and upload codes to my board. I brought it up to the pComp lab but nobody knew what’s wrong...

-> solved * installed the driver again and it’s working... maybe mine was outdated? (previous one was installed 2 weeks ago..)

Digital Input (pushbutton) and Digital Output (LED)

* always need to check the LED’s longer side and shorter side....

Analog Input (pushbutton) and Analog Output (LED)

**code** for led
const int ledPin = 9;
int analogValue = 0;
int brightness = 0;

void setup() {
// initialize serial communications at 9600 bps:
// declare the led pin as an output:
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
analogValue = analogRead(A0);
brightness = analogValue /4; /
analogWrite(ledPin, brightness);


*tried to replace the LED with a speaker 
-> sounds 3 different tones

with these codes

void loop() {
   analogValue = analogRead(A0);
   frequency = (analogValue /4) * 10;
   tone(A0, frequency);

Analog Input (Force Sensing Resistor) / Digital Input(pushButton) and  Output (println)


if (buttonState == HIGH) {
Serial.print target="_blank">Serial.print("Button has been pressed ");
Serial.println(" times.");

-> it should be ++ when i press the button
-> it does but in a weird way... 
-> maybe it’s counting the frames as well? 

Have a wonderful day :)

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