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Week 1 : Self-Portrait

Jan 2023

Week 1: HTML/CSS/Javascript

self portrait

In-Class Code

<!-- metadata on the page -->
<title> Hello Angie </title>

<!-- CSS codes here-->       
#divOne {               
    font-size: 100px; 
#divTwo {
   font-size: 50px;
  background-color: cornflowerblue;
  color: aliceblue;           

  <!--We should tell the browser that it's JavaScript-->        <script type="text/javascript">           
//you can also say this to include other scripts :          
//<script type="text/javascript"> SRC= "scriptname.js">

 //for alerts;                       
alert("hello there")
let aVar = "hello";           
aVar = 12;           

 //setup this to read the HTML file before we can access to any of the DOM elements           
//load a fundtion() by writing 'load'  : window.addEventListener('load', function(){               
//very very very important !! remember ths pleaseeeee               

let doo = document.getElementById("divOne");               
doo.addEventListener('click', function(){     
//change some elements in css by adding .style           = "red";               

  <!--- contents go here -->   

<h1>Heading 1</h1>       
<h2>Heading 2</h2>        
<h3>Heading 2</h3>

<!-- div = generic block level tag         div id="" : give them a unique attribute-->       
<div id="divOne">Here is some content</div>       
<div id="divTwo">Here is another content</div>       
<p id="pOne">paragraphs <span> <b> bold </b> <i> italics </i> hello hello </span></p>                   

<!-- add Media! -->       
<!-- video : basic Tag Usage           
<video width="number" height="number" src="video.mp4" controls />            
mp4 is the standard container so do mp4 with avc and aac codec    
you can add more events to the media with HTML audio/video Events                       

Make a self-portrait with some media elements + HTML + Audio + Visual        -->            


<!-- Comments   
querySelector : but wtf is query   
DOM_events    -->

Have a wonderful day :)

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